Bila Galari Ngurambang (Lachlan River Country) 4

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Bila Galari Ngurambang (Lachlan River Country) 4

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Bila Galari Ngurambang (Lachlan River Country) by Melnunnie Art, 2023

30cm x 40cm

Acrylic on canvas

"This artwork is my representation of the “Bila Galari” (Lachlan River) and how it flows through “Ngurambang” (Country). The River is identified as three corresponding lines, representing my connection to the Wiradjuri people, The Three River People. These rivers that border and flow through Wiradjuri Country are: Galari (Lachlan), Wambool (Macquarie), Murrumbidya (Murrumbidgee). As the River flows through Country, it feeds the Creeks and Billabongs joining at Waterholes, represented by three concentric circles. These water ways feed the life and energy on Country, shown by the corresponding topographic-like lines. Where these lines instersect show the unbroken connection to Country, songlines, bloodlines, and stories of Aboriginal People and the Dots representing the steps taken along the way." — Matthew “Melnunnie” Brettschneider. 

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